YYZ to MIA – Travel in a Private Charter Jet

As soon as the polar vortex hits Canada, many Torontonians head south to warmer temperatures in Miami. Its beautiful stretch of sandy beaches, glamorous scenery, and perfect combination of culture and style, attracts all. However, traveling from Toronto (YYZ) to Miami (MIA) may not be exactly be a comfortable start to the trip. From the overcrowded airport to long security lineups, and possible delay in flights, traveling in a commercial flight can be stressful and tiresome. For those looking to travel from YYZ to MIA in luxury, look into hiring a private charter jet.


Elegance and luxury


You don’t have to wait until you get to Miami for your luxurious vacation to start. With a private jet, you can travel in utmost elegant style. No longer do you have to look at the distasteful interiors of a commercial plane. Today’s private jets have spacious and sophisticated interiors, leather seats, and numerous amenities. Charter Air Transportation Services Inc. CATS is a premium charter and private jet company based in Toronto and its fleet of private jets’ are designed with class keeping in mind the needs of its customers.


Travel in comfort


You can avoid the tight commercial flight seating and the unpleasant experience of flying a discount airline, and hit the chic paradise that is Miami in absolute comfort. CATS ensures that your trip is comfortable and stress-free. From making arrangements before, during, and in some cases, even after your trip, to paying attention to the smallest of your needs, CATS attention to comfort makes for happy customers.


Travel on your schedule


When flying on a private jet, you can leave for your trip based on your schedule. You don’t have to deal with over-booked commercial flights or dates and times that are inconvenient for you. When you fly CATS, you will rest assured that your flight will be booked according to your schedule. In fact, CATS owns its fleet of aircraft and, except for inclement weather, your flight will not be cancelled. If you have been in a situation where a flight was diverted due to an unruly passenger or cancelled due to a staff strike, you know how stressful these last minute changes can be. You can easily avoid these situations by flying CATS.




Last but not least, flying CATS won’t break your bank. There are no long-term commitments with CATS and you can choose to fly with them on a one-off basis. Since CATS owns and maintains its fleet of state-of-the-art aircrafts, it can keep its overhead costs low and transfer these benefits to you. Customers may be surprised to note that the cost of flying four people commercial business class is comparable to hiring a private jet for your trip!


Miami is one of those destinations that has a wide array of things to offer its visitors – gorgeous white sand beaches, chic shopping boutiques, a vibrant atmosphere, cultural events, and more. More often than not, Canadians traveling from YYZ to MIA are looking for a luxurious and unique vacation experience. Flying with CATS, a first-rate charter and private jets company, means you are well taken care of. They offer the highest-quality of customer service ensuring you arrive at your destination in style and comfort.